How to Know when it’s Time for Suspension Repair

As drivers in our area gear up for the upcoming vacation season, there will undoubtedly be regular checks of the systems that make our vehicles go. As you may have noticed in your time visiting our blog and website, we at Harbin Automotive do all that we can to help give motorists of our area the tools and know-how to help make their automotive lives safe and productive ones. Today, let’s take a look at suspension systems, and how to know when it’s time for suspension repair.

A rough ride. The most obvious sign that the need for suspension repair is a pretty basic one: feeling every single bump while you drive. Do you ever notice a bounce in the body’s ride? If so, this means that suspension repair might be in your near future.

Suspension repair Scottsboro ALA flowing or drifting ride. Just as a rough ride can signal the need for new suspension, so too can one that feels too loose. What this means is that your shocks have lost the ability to keep your body stable during a turn, which can make you run the risk of rolling over.

A ‘“lurch” while stopping. When you are braking, do you ever feel your car lunge forward or feel the nose dip when the brakes are applied? This can throw off your ability to stop your vehicle successfully, extending your braking distance to dangerous levels.

Tire treads not wearing evenly. There are many causes for tires that don’t wear evenly, but one of the most common is suspension that isn’t holding your car evenly. This puts undue pressure on specific points on your car, causing uneven wear.

Oily shocks/struts. If you’re able to see the shocks or struts on your car, you should be able to see that they’re dry. If they aren’t dry, however, then you might be leaking fluid, meaning it’s time for them to be replaced.

Does it bounce? There’s a simple test to see if your car is bouncing because of the suspension being faulty. When your car is sitting still and in park, put all of your weight on the car and bounce on it a few times. Do it on both the front and rear. If it keeps bouncing a few times after you’ve pulled your weight off the car, it might be time to have your shocks looked at.

We trust that these simple signifiers can help you identify any suspension issues you might be having before they become a larger problem. If you have questions about your suspension or would like us to look at them at our service department, simply pay us a visit at Harbin Automotive!

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