Ford EcoBoost

What Does EcoBoost Mean?

What does EcoBoost Mean?

If you’ve been following Ford’s rapid ascent to the top of the automotive industry these past few years, you’ve undoubtedly seen an article or two regarding the Ford EcoBoost Engine. Just recently, three iconic vehicles–the revamped F-150, the redesigned Edge, and the iconic Mustang–have all received rave reviews for their moves toward EcoBoost technology, and it’s gotten our friends in the area wondering, Just what does EcoBoost mean? Well, from your pals at Harbin Automotive, here’s a short overview.

Ford EcoBoost EngineWhat it is: The most simple definition of what EcoBoost means is that it’s a combination of turbocharging and using direct fuel injection, with the goal of increasing fuel economy without seeing a decrease in power output. Get it? Eco (fuel economy) plus Boost (power) equals EcoBoost!

But what does “turbocharged” mean? We hear this term bandied about a lot, but many drivers don’t actually know what it means for an engine to be turbocharged. A turbocharged engine will force more oxygen into an engine, and more air makes the engine more powerful. So, instead of using a larger engine and more fuel to add power, a turbocharged engine uses air, which saves on fuel economy without decreasing power.

And what is direct injection? This is relatively simple. Most vehicles that use typical fuel injection work by using an intake valve (or intake tract) to inject fuel. However, with direct fuel injection, this process is removed. And, with a less complicated process for fuel injection, efficiency is greatly improved.

So, since the result of an EcoBoost engine is improved power without sacrificing efficiency, it’s little wonder that it has become such a popular option within the Ford family. To learn more about this revolutionary powertrain or to find out which models are offering it–hint: It’s pretty much all of them–we encourage you to pay us a visit at Harbin Auto!