Valentines Day Events near Scottboro AL

Feel the Love with these Valentine’s Day Events near Huntsville AL for 2016

We’re well into 2016 at Harbin Automotive, and as soon as Winter Storm performs a nice little number on the southeast and mid-Atlantic, we may even be able to enjoy ourselves. Fortunately, we’ve already got a few exciting events coming up in our area, beginning with the holiday we chose to ignore until we realized that it was a nice excuse to get a nice dinner and a massage: Valentine’s Day. But what are you to do when the better half asks what you have planned? Never fear, Harbin Automotive has you covered, with these Valentine’s Day Events near Scottsboro and Huntsville for 2016.

Valentine’s Day Events near Huntsville AL 2016

Winter Wonderland Valentine’s Day — Burritt Museum — Huntsville — February 14th

If you’re simply looking for something a little different this year and don’t feel like cooking, then this event is for you. It includes a six-course French meal provided by Dijore Meals catering, complete with live jazz, valet parking, a bottle of wine and a gift for her.

Valentine's Day Events near Huntsville ALBad Weather Bonus: Staying Safe on Slushy Roads

Valentine’s Day Couple Soap Making Night — Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment — Huntsville — February 12th

And now for something completely different. Have you ever made soap? It’s fun, and believe it or not, you learn quite a bit. So why not make this the place that you kick off Valentine’s Day weekend? Secondary bonus: you’ll have more soap around, and that is never a bad thing.

Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Concert — Gadsden Convention Center — Gadsden — February 14th

Do you like Michael Jackson? How about Elvis? Or the Blues Brothers? If not, go ahead and move along. But if you do…which you should…then this is a good one for you. Just down the road in Gadsden, enjoy a night of music with impersonators of some of the most irreplaceable entertainers of our time. Can’t miss this one.

Bad Weather Bonus: You Got in an Accident, Now What?

Hug-A-Cub 2016 Valentine’s Day 5k — Harvest — February 13th

For all the partying we’ve described so far, we haven’t yet gotten around to doing anything healthy. So why not jump in the car, head over to Harvest, and run off a couple of miles? This event even offers a couples category, meaning that there’s a romantic aspect that we can’t ignore. Get involved!

Are we missing any events that we should know about? If so, drop us a line at Harbin Automotive, and in the meantime, stay safe during the storm and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!