Detroit Man Reunited with Stolen Corvette, 33 Years Later

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Thirty-three years after it was stolen, George Talley is reunited with his 1979 Corvette.

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Have you ever had something stolen? Most of us have, at one point or another, faced the uncertain anxiety of losing car keys or missing our wallet, but have you ever walked out of a shopping mall or a restaurant to find your car missing? As a leading seller of used Chevrolet in the Scottsboro and Huntsville area, we understand the emotional attachment that comes with the ownership of certain vehicles, and this stroke of misfortune struck a Detroit man named George Talley in 1981, when he emerged from an appointment to find his 1979 Corvette missing.

Used Chevrolet Huntsville AL

An anonymous third party will assist in the ‘Vette’s restoration.

Naturally, his assumption was that perhaps he’d been towed, or that he was mistaken in where he’d parked initially. Surely, he reasoned, his car would show up sooner or later, right?

Fast forward thirty-three years. George Talley is now 71, and has owned four Corvettes in total, but the missing 1979 model was one that he never fully got over. Then, on June 13th of this year, he received a phone call that he won’t soon forget. His car had been found in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, about 850 miles away from his Michigan home. “They told me it was running,” Talley recently recalled. “It had 47,000 miles on it and was ready to pick up.”

The news of its recovery reached a few Chevrolet executives, who offered to return the car to Detroit. They even offered to restore the Corvette to its former glory, which didn’t interest Talley; he wanted to see it just as it was. Then, after he saw the Corvette with its noticeable wear and tear, an anonymous third party offered to restore it fully. So, for George Talley, he gets his happy ending, even if it took over three decades to happen.

As a premier seller of new and used Chevrolet vehicles, we at Harbin Auto want to congratulate Mr. Talley on the safe return of his Corvette! And, to our friends in the Northern Alabama area, we look forward to seeing you at our Scottsboro location!