Extend the life of your tires

How to Extend the Life of your Tires

Tires. You ride on them, depend on them daily, yet they probably only cross your mind when you’re going over a speed bump or driving on something slippery. But they’re important! Extremely important! And keeping them operating at a high level is extremely important too! Here are four tips to extend the life of your tires, from your friends at Harbin Automotive!

Get the most out of your tiresUnder pressure? The most obvious way to keep your tires running their best also happens to be the cheapest fix you can do on your vehicle: simply pulling up to an air hose and making sure they’re filled to the proper air pressure. Both overinflated and underinflated tires adversely affect a car’s handling and fuel economy, to say nothing of the fact that it’s also terrible for your tires. All it takes to correct the problem is a few quarters and a pressure gauge.

Get in line! Here’s what happens when your alignment is off: your tires don’t wear properly. Tires are more prone to fail, and early replacement is just one of the many problems you’re likely to face. Poor alignment might also be a symptom of other issues that aren’t initially related to tires. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure your alignment is correct, which we can do here at Harbin Automotive.

Rotate tires often. One way to maximize the life of your vehicle while making sure that they wear evenly is to rotate them often. While there has been some debate regarding how often is often enough, most manufacturers agree that about every 5,000 miles–or every time you get an oil change, is probably frequently enough. This helps the tires wear evenly, since tires in different positions on your vehicle don’t wear exactly the same.

Off-balance? Attending to your balance also helps your tires wear properly, since they are encountering resistance while they’re rolling. You can expect to experience an annoying vibration, as well as tires wearing erratically. At Harbin Auto, our Quicklane Service is equipped with an electronic spin balancer to help eliminate this problem.

There are many factors that go into extending the life of your tires, but these are the biggies. To learn more about how to make your tires go the distance, pay us a visit at Harbin Automotive!