The Rock Ford Ad

Smell What He’s Cooking? The Rock Debuts New Ford Ad

To be totally honest, there aren’t a whole lot of celebrities we’d consider worthy of acting as an automotive spokesperson. It seems a little cynical to assume that they know what they’re talking about, or that they actually drive the cars that they’re shilling. I mean, if they’re worth millions, wouldn’t you expect that their cars are pretty outlandish as well? You would expect that — unless, of course we’re talking about The Rock.

The Rock Debuts New Ford Ad

We know that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson drives a Ford, probably because he’s been in the news for being a slightly inattentive driver. He famously sideswiped a man’s pickup a few months ago, and even posted an amusing anecdote about it on Instagram. Pretty cool guy, right?

Upping his coolness quotient even further, The Rock is now acting as spokesperson for Ford’s service division. The first ad dropped today, and we can expect to see many more in the future. He even spouts praise for the long journey he’s taken with the Blue Oval: “My relationship with Ford began when I was 15 and bought a classic ‘77 blue Thunderbird as my first car, and I’ve been a Ford man ever since.”

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At Harbin Automotive, we proudly offer Ford-certified service, just the sort that The Rock would be cooking. Whether you’re in need of a simple oil change or a more involved fix, you can rest assured that all of the best Ford parts and practices will be involved. Why? Well, because The Rock said so.

button (13)The first of Ford’s ads featuring The Rock can be viewed below.