Summer Fuel-Saving Tips from Harbin Auto!

If you’re like us at Harbin Automotive, you’ve been busy planning the summer vacation of your dreams. Regardless of where you’re going, however, the rising price of gas is something that you’ll have to endure. So what are you to do to save money on fuel? Here are some summer fuel-saving tips to consider when you strike out on your next vacation.

Summer Fuel Saving TipsCut the wind resistance. It seems like every van, car and SUV carries one of those bulky roof-rack storage bins these days, even leaving them on long after the vacation has ended. What might not be patently obvious is that the extra wind resistance and weight from these objects can cause your fuel consumption to spike unnecessarily. Be certain to take the storage bin off your vehicle when it isn’t being used.

Cut the premium fuel. We talked about this a few weeks ago, but it begs repeating all the same: most vehicles are perfectly capable of getting along just fine without using premium fuel. Unless you’re driving a turbocharged vehicle, consider using regular fuel. Believe us, the 30 cents per gallon you’ll save will add up over the course of a summer.

Cut the speed. You didn’t want to hear this, did you? While no one enjoys slowing down, your fuel economy goes up a great deal when you drive at or below the speed limit. Just dipping from 75 to 65 mph can cut fuel consumption by as much as 13%. This puts more money back in your pocket and less in your gas tank.

Cut the solo driving. Maybe you’re the type who enjoys the peace and quiet of a solo drive to work. However, with carpools and ridesharing becoming more common nationwide, it isn’t difficult to find coworkers or people in your community to help cut the cost you pay for gas. And who knows? You might even make some new friends in the process.

We hope that these simple tips help put a little extra scratch in your pocket that summer, and that you enjoy a safe and enjoyable travel season! See you soon at Harbin Automotive!