Happy 80th Birthday, Suburban!

Suburban 80th Birthday

What were you doing eighty years ago? In all likelihood, you were not yet born, so your answer won’t require much thought. However, eighty years ago, Chevrolet was rolling out the first models of its iconic Suburban line, which has spent the ensuing years becoming the vehicle of choice for the family on the go. It’s always been spacious and strong, and along the way, it’s made believers out of all of us. So what better way to celebrate the Suburban’s 80th Birthday then with a little shoutout from NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams?

Suburban turns 80In the video below, you first hear what is the commonly held feeling on the Chevy Suburban: that if you’ve ever had one, you swear by it. Indeed, the same is true of us here at Harbin Automotive. Many of us have personal experiences with the Suburban, whether it came as children on vacation or as adult Suburban owners. And, if we’re allowed a bit of candor, there’s a pretty good reason why they’ve made it to such a ripe old age.

The Suburban is the longest-running nameplate in America, which should go pretty far toward explaining just how highly regarded the model has always been. One man in the video appraises it “as American as baseball and apple pie.” Another man explains that he’s worked at the Suburban plant for 58 years, and now works down the line from his granddaughter. Later, a man brags about pampering his 1956 model. A common thread runs through all three examples, and that’s pride.

A quick look at the 2015 Chevy Suburban, now available at Harbin Auto, and this pride is evident in the Suburban’s craftsmanship. Inside and out, the vehicle recalls many of the hallmarks of the eighty-year-old brand, all while making a clear move forward.

So what better way to celebrate this stunning achievement than by taking a test drive in your very own Suburban? Pay us a visit at Harbin Automotive soon, where we’d be happy to celebrate the history and future of the Suburban with you!


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