Five Safety Suggestions for Senior Drivers

For many of us, or for our parent or grandparents, driving eventually takes on a little more concern as we get older. While driving safely is the obvious priority, there are some proven methods to ensure that this happens. According to the national DMV, here are some safety suggestions for senior drivers.

Safety Suggestions for Senior Drivers

Avoid Nighttime Driving. As many of us are aware, a person’s eyesight ability begins to decrease, starting in the late thirties. They’ll start using glasses for reading or driving at night. And so it is for older drivers, night driving produces much higher eye fatigue and decreased vision, making it a more dangerous time to be driving.

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Top Driving DistractionsAvoid Heavy Traffic. All of us typically try to avoid times of heavy traffic, but this is especially true of older drivers. This is why the best thing to do, if heavy traffic is inevitable, is to plan ahead. If you know you’ve got an appointment, leave much earlier than you normally would. Also do your best to avoid obvious rush hour times.

Warm Up Your Body. In the same way that you might start your car well before you plan on leaving it, you’d do well to get your body prepared for what’s ahead. Do some stretching, emphasizing your neck, torso and shoulders, which will fend off fatigue and reduce tension during a long drive.

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Be Ready to Share the Road. Especially in more urban areas, the traffic scene is more congested than it’s ever been. There are now more bikes, motorcycles, buses and more, and they all provide their own challenges, regardless of a driver’s age. By preparing for all of these potential occurrences before you leave, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding them.

Avoid Distractions. Years ago, cars had the necessary gauges, maybe a few radio dials, and that was it. Now, drivers have all sorts of features supposedly engineered to make life “easier,” but does they really achieve that goal? You can really cut down on the potential for accidents by cutting out cell phones, tricky in-car features, or even other passengers.

In many ways, older drivers can be among the safest drivers on the road, and much of their safety simply comes down to being aware of what’s out there. We hope that these tips help, and that our more experienced patrons in the area will come see our great Chevy, Ford and Lincoln models soon!