Harbin’s Round of Sixteen Tournament Offers Another Chance to Win!

harbinbballRound of Sixteen Tournament

Well, the first weekend of the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is in the books, and it wasn’t without its fair share of drama. Some of the tourney’s titans have gone down early–Kansas, Duke, so long guys!–and a few surprising upstarts–North Dakota State and Mercer, to name a couple–managed to make things momentarily interesting. So how is your bracket shaping up in Harbin Auto’s $1,000,000,000 Bracket Challenge? If you’re like literally every other American who filled out a bracket, you’ve already crumpled it up and started looking to 2015. However, it isn’t too late to win at Harbin Auto! Now is the time to get involved with our Round of Sixteen Tournament!

The premise is essentially the same as the initial bracket challenge, although unlike the previous field-of-64 tournament, this one will be made up entirely of teams you could actually locate on a map! Entering is easy: Go to the entrance page to register (or use your previous Username and Password from the Bracket Challenge), and make your picks prior to the tip-off of Thursday’s first game at 7PM (ET).

The final sixteen teams have been set, and with the teams remaining, basketball lovers should expect more of the drama we’ve enjoyed thus far. The field of remaining competitors includes three #1 seeded teams (Florida, Virginia, and Arizona), as well as three teams seeded 10 or lower. We also have some pretty compelling matchups to look forward to: Kentucky and Louisville face off, potentially setting up a rematch of last year’s national championship versus Michigan, and dark-horse favorite Michigan State faces Virginia, who many thought was undeserving of their lofty seed. Drama, drama, drama.

So go to the registration page and make your selections for Harbin Automotive’s Round of Sixteen tournament. Winners will receive Gift Cards to the Harbin Auto Service Center, with $100 going to the winner and $50 to the runner-up. And, if you need any pointers on filling out your bracket, perhaps some help from college hoops legend J.J. Reddick will help.

Take it away, JJ.