Tips to Help Prevent Rust on your Car

When winter arrives, and especially in areas where storms aren’t common or predictable, road salt becomes an obvious concern for motorists. Even in areas such as ours, where the storms typically come later in the winter, the use of salt on the roads can lead inevitably to rust on our cars, even though this is totally avoidable. That’s why we at Harbin Automotive are pleased to help you prevent rust on your car.

Prevent Rust on your Car

Why is salt used at all?

Most areas use some mixture of salt and sand on roads, which works to keep your car on the road in two ways. First, the salt uses a chemical reaction to lower water’s freezing point, which helps to melt the ice that’s already on the road. Then the sand keeps the salt in place, while also adding more traction to wet or slushy roads.

Prevent Rust on your Car

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Of course, the salt has its drawbacks, the most obvious one being that it can cause great damage to your underbody and wheel housings, so that’s why it’s important to do what you can to prevent the rust that can form.

How to prevent the rust from forming

1) Before any snow falls — you know, like right now — do a little maintenance to prepare your car for what lies ahead. Thoroughly wash your entire car, including the underbody. Then add a coat of wax, as well as a sealant to keep the wax in place. Also seal the underside of your car, paying particularly close attention to the brake and fuel lines, since they can rust very easily.

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2) After the snow has fallen, do your best to keep your car as clean as possible by taking it in for regular washes. Some car washes offer steam cleaning to offer a deeper cleanse than a traditional wash, while rewaxing and resealing is also a good idea.

3) If you must wash your car at home, be certain to remove all traces of soap during rinsing, as this can cause problems for your paint as well. Also, if your vehicle is really salty, you can add a few tablespoons of baking soda to your wash water to help neutralize the salt. Finally, make certain that your car is fully dry before taking it back into the cold.

While we still may be a few weeks away from seeing any snowfall in our area, now is the time to be preparing for its eventual visit. We hope these tips help you eliminate rust before it occurs, and hope that you’ll come see us soon at Harbin Automotive!