Watch Your Butts! Tailgate Theft on the Rise Nationwide

Pickup Tailgate Theft

If you’ve been to Harbin Automotive–and, since you’re reading this, we’ll just go ahead and assume that you have–you know that we have a pretty firm dedication to trucks. We’re lucky enough to be home to some of the industry’s top models, such as Ford’s F-150 and Chevy’s Silverado series, and have a gained something of a reputation as the truck-lover’s dealership in Northern Alabama.

But even with all of our experience in the truck arena, even we might have had trouble seeing this coming: pickup tailgate theft.

tailgate TheftAccording to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the incidence of tailgate theft has jumped 31% in just the last two years, with a variety of factors to point to as to why this theft occurs. One, replacing a tailgate is expensive. With the amount of electronics involved and the advent of rear camera mounts, a new tailgate can cost as much as $3,000 to replace. Two, they take a lot of lumps, from dings and dents to rear-end accidents and the like, and the need to replace a tailgate comes up pretty frequently.

These two factors work together to create a large demand for tailgates and, since they are generally very easy to steal, has made a so-called “black market” for stolen tailgates. A quick search of EBay or Craigslist turns up proof that there are readily-available tailgates for sale, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that some of those aren’t on the up-and-up.

So how do you keep your tailgate from being stolen? The two easiest ways are 1) to park in a locked garage or backed up against a wall so the tailgate can’t be opened, or 2) to purchase an anti-theft tailgate hinge lock to make theft impossible. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, and our service staff at Harbin Automotive can even help with installation if needed.

Don’t become the next person to walk out of the mall or a sporting event to find that your tailgate has been stolen by an enterprising thief. With tailgate thefts on the rise in the area, you simply can’t be too careful.