Dream a Little Dream: A New Ford Bronco?

New Ford Bronco

When I was growing up, my dad had an early 1990’s Ford Bronco. This operated as more than just our family vehicle; we towed boats and trailers with it, took it off roading, even took the top off and made it into a truck-vertible. In short, it was the coolest. Then in 1996, after a thirty year run, the Bronco was gone. Just like that.

While rumors and concepts have fueled speculation that we might soon see another version of the iconic two-door, body-on-frame SUV, we at Harbin Auto are often asked, Will we ever see another new Ford Bronco?

New Ford BroncoTo understand the likelihood of a future version of the Bronco, we’d better first get into why it ceased production in the first place. In the mid ‘90s, consumers were beginning to veer away from two-door full-size SUVs in favor of lighter, more efficient crossovers that were soon to follow. (It’s no coincidence that the competing full-size Chevy Blazer ceased production as well.) The move was made toward the SUVs we see today, such as the Explorer and Expedition, as well as the crossover Escape and Edge that have become so popular.

So does this mean that the Bronco is dead, once and for all? Well, maybe not. There was a famously popular Bronco concept released at the 2004 New York Auto Show (seen above), but which we never really heard from again. Then there was this April Fool’s joke from earlier this year, which nearly set off riots in Ford enthusiast circles. So it can’t be argued that there isn’t interest.

As it stands today, the Bronco’s next chance might come from well south of the border. Not long ago, Ford acquired the Brazilian brand Troller, which has now released the T4, seen at right. It recalls the early Bronco models, or even the best facets of the short-lived Bronco II. So why not just slap a Blue Oval on it and bring it stateside? How difficult could that be?

So, there it is, friends. While there is some hope, there is little chance that a new Bronco will come from Ford, at least for the next few model years. Instead, our hope hinges on an attractive model made in Brazil. And, at least at Harbin Auto, a little hope is good enough for us.

We’ll always remember the good old days.