How to Keep your Dog Cool in the Heat this Summer

Do you have a dog? Of course you have a dog. This is the south, and people are about as likely to have a dog as they are to have a football allegiance. If you do have a dog, you probably also intend to take your furry friend with you in the car this summer, which is about the most logical reason to have a car or a dog or a summer season at all. However, with our extreme heat, care must be taken when you take your dog with you, and we at Harbin Auto are here to help. Here are ways to keep your dog cool in the heat this summer.

keep your dog cool in the sunThe first thing to understand is that–Surprise!–your dog is not a human. He doesn’t cool off like you do, he doesn’t just sweat it out like you do, and he has almost no way to tell you if he’s uncomfortable. Experts estimate that a temperature of 82 degrees in the sun can translate to almost 110 degrees inside the car, and that’s something that no living thing should be subject to.

When a dog gets too hot, he’ll begin to show signs of heat stroke, which has telltale signs of its onset. If your dog is panting uncontrollably, salivating excessively, is having trouble breathing, is vomiting, having disorientation, seizures or respiratory arrest, this is likely heat stroke. Dogs with short noses such as pugs and bulldogs can be at higher risk of heat stroke, as are dogs with thick, heavy coats and dogs that are very old.

So, how are you able to thwart heat stroke? Most important is to never leave the dog in the car when it’s hot. If you’re planning on leaving the car, bring your dog with you or simply leave him at home. You should also bring lots of water with a weighted bowl, groom your dog in early summer to remove matted or long hair, and perhaps get pet-safe sunblock if your dog has pink skin that is visible on its nose or ears.

If you see a dog that’s locked in a car and looks to be in peril, call the authorities. It’s better to have an owner upset with you than to have a dog that is beyond help. We hope that these tips help you and your dog have a safe and healthy summer, and hope to see you at Harbin Automotive soon!