How to Keep your Pets Safe on Halloween

We’re only a few weeks away from Halloween, which any reader of our blog knows is among the holidays we love most. We also love our pets, oftentimes more than we love our own family members. This obviously results in times when we dress up our pets and take them to parties, but it’s got us wondering, is this a good idea? Here are some hints for keeping your pets safe on Halloween.

Keep Pets Safe on Halloween

Don’t let your pets be the life of the party

You know your pet, but not everyone does. For example, if you’ve got trick or treaters coming, maybe they don’t want your dog licking their faces. Or maybe your pet will get freaked out or over-stimulated, which can have a similarly negative effect. So keep your pet away from the action, just so you don’t have reaction that you regret.

keep your pets safe on halloweenAvoid candles in your decorations

Have you ever been eating while sitting on your couch when the cat walks by, and just runs his tail right over whatever you’re eating? It’s annoying, right? Well, imagine that whatever it runs its tail over is on fire. Jack-o-lanterns, open candles, etc. are best to be avoided in your decorations.

No sweets for pets

This probably doesn’t need mentioning, but sweets are really bad for your pets. Dogs in particular can ingest a large amount of food in a small timeframe, which can lead to diarrhea, vomiting or worse. Raisins can also cause lots of problems, as can the artificial sweetener called xylitol.

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Don’t just throw your pet in a costume and call it a day

When you dress up your pet, you are really doing it for yourself. That’s why you need to take their reactions into account, particular if the costume confines them in some way. You also don’t want there to be anything that they might chew or ingest that might get swallowed.

Keep the liquor away from pets

When the party is over, make sure that the liquor cabinet is closed and that any cups have been thrown away. Just image waking up and finding that your puppy has beaten you to the cleanup portion? Now you have a sick puppy on your hands.

As with anything pet-related, you probably know how your animal will react. Be aware of your pet’s typical tics, and make certain that you’ve got your pet’s best interests at heart. See you soon at Harbin Automotive!