Jay Leno’s Top Ten Mustangs Ever!

Jay Leno Top Ten Mustangs

Steve McQueen's iconic Mustang from "Bullitt" is among Jay Leno's favorite models ever made.

Steve McQueen’s iconic Mustang from “Bullitt” is among Jay Leno’s favorite models ever made.

What do you know about Jay Leno? In all likelihood, you’re aware that he hosted “The Tonight Show” for about 27 years. You might also associate Leno with his outstanding chin, which is as much a part of his mystique as his equally prominent sense of humor. You might even be familiar with his extensive voice work in films, appearing in popular movies such as “Cars” and the “Ice Age” series.

However, many know Leno from his well-publicized obsession with cars, and from his collection containing nearly 900 vehicles. “Jay Leno’s Garage” has become an internet sensation, and is a fine example of what a gearhead with an unlimited budget can create. Now, with the upcoming release of the 2015 Ford Mustang, Leno has released his personal list of his top ten Mustang models ever, the video of which can be viewed below.

It should be no surprise that his list of the top Mustangs includes some fan favorites: the Mustang One, the concept that started it all; the Shelby GT 350; and Steve McQueen’s iconic model from the film “Bullitt.” And that’s just a small sampling.

2015 Ford Mustang Huntsville AL

The latest Mustang represents a return to form for the classic pony car.

Leno also touches on a hallmark of the Mustang brand that hasn’t been lost: despite its athletic build and energetic performance, the Mustang has always been a car that was affordable. It was intended as a car for the masses, and that has never changed. As Leno says, the Mustang was always a car that, if you worked hard, you could probably afford. It wasn’t pretentious, yet it was the envy of all other drivers.

This tradition continues with the upcoming release of the 2015 Ford Mustang, which is coming soon to Harbin Auto in Scottsboro, AL. We encourage you to keep posted for further details regarding it’s pending debut here at Harbin, and in the meantime, enjoy some Mustangs with Jay Leno!