How to Keep your Christmas Tree from Drying Out

Just a few weeks back, we went hunting around northern Alabama in search of the perfect family Christmas tree. Assuming that you’ve already harvested the ideal tree, you’ll now be looking at how to keep your Christmas tree from drying out, which is a science as exact as anything you’re likely to find on an automotive website. Follow the instructions closely, and your tree should last well into January or beyond.

How to Keep your Christmas Tree from Drying Out

Tip One: If you’re buying a fresh tree — and we’ll just assume that you are — you’ll need to make a fresh cut at the bottom to ensure that your tree takes water. Especially if your tree was harvested several days prior, you’ll need to make your cut before placing the tree in new water, which will allow it to absorb water.

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Tip Two: Place your tree in a stand that can hold at least a gallon of fresh water, and be expecting your tree to uptake extra water if it hasn’t been freshly cut. Continue watering until water uptake stops, and maintain this level of water for the duration of the season.

Tip Three: It’s absolutely vital to keep your tree in a constant base of water, since if the base dries out, resin will form over the base and make absorbing water impossible. Not surprisingly, this will make your tree dry out quickly. Although some sites suggest adding aspirin or sugar to your water, experts say that this isn’t actually necessary.

Tip Four: With or without water, your tree will eventually dry out over time, and a dry tree is susceptible to fire. That’s why it’s crucial to maintain all electrical accessories around the tree, and make sure that your tree-light cords aren’t worn, and always unplug your tree at night.

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Tip Five: Take down the tree before it dries completely. It will be cleaner than if it’s shedding handfuls of pine needles with every touch, and is simply safer when you’re pulling it out of the house with electronics nearby.

We encourage you to keep posted to our blog in the coming weeks as we continue to impart knowledge regarding upcoming events in our area, and can’t wait to see you soon at Harbin Automotive!