safe driving on slushy roads

How Do You Stay Safe on Slushy Roads?

As we’ve noticed in the last few weeks, this season presents some pretty ugly weather conditions. Seems like every year around this time, we begin enduring worse elements than we’re used to, and that we might not seem especially prepared to navigate. For example, how do you stay safe on slushy roads? It’s one of the most dangerous travel elements out there, and we’re here to help keep you on the road.

How Do You Stay Safe on Slushy Roads?

Stay on the road more traveled. Contrary to the musings of Robert Frost, it’s best to stay where the traffic is. There may be lanes that experience less travel, and these lanes are likely to have less accommodating tracks for you to travel. They’ll also have unfriendly edges of the roads, which can often pull your car into the ditch in an instant.

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drive safe on slushy roadsDon’t follow too closely. As with any poor weather situation, it’s important to know that following too closely can have disastrous results, but especially when considering the threat that slushy can pose. Stopping distances become much greater, and remember that you’re traveling in the same conditions as everyone else is. Thus, keep your distance.

Don’t use cruise control. Cruise control limits the control that you’ve got over your vehicle, mostly because it slows your reaction time if something requires you to hit the brakes. In slushy conditions, it’s important to have as much control as possible, and that means keeping your feet on the pedals.

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Use forward thinking. This doesn’t apply to only leaving early to avoid traffic, although this is definitely part of it. It also applies to your ability to know that you shouldn’t compensate by speeding if you’re running behind. Instead, feel free to call ahead to any appointments you might have to ensure that they’ll understand you’ll be a little late.

Stay calm. Always, always, always, remain calm. Keep your wits about yourself, be prepared with your feet on the pedals for everything that could happen, and keep your eyes moving about the roads.

The way that winter goes, there will certainly be accidents that happen. That said, we hope that these help to keep you safe over the next few months, and that you’ll come see us soon at Harbin Automotive.