Has Anyone Else Noticed All the Ford SUVs on the Road?


Ford to Increase SUV Production

The automobile industry, like all industries, is prone to trends that dictate vehicle production. In recent years, for example, increased attention to environmental issues has led to a boom in hybrid and electric vehicles, a trend that has come with some notable growing pains. Meanwhile, a more curious trend has hit the SUV segment in recent years, which has definitely caused us to take notice a Harbin Automotive in Scottsboro: Sales in the SUV class has spiked in the last few years, leading Ford to increase SUV production.

According to forecasts from IHS Automotive, an industry consultancy firm, worldwide SUV sales will continue to increase through 2018, at which point one in five vehicles sold will be an SUV. And while last years overall numbers produced an increase of 17% for SUV sales, Ford individually felt the impact greater than most: Ford’s SUV sales increased an astonishing 37%.

Fortunately, Ford has matched consumer demand by reasserting itself to expanded production. Ford has planned a $700 million expansion to its Oakville, Ontario, plant where the Flex is manufactured, and the drastic changes to the Ford F-Series pickup line are expected to extend eventually to flagship SUV models such as the Explorer and Expedition.

The 2014 Escape continues to be Ford's top selling SUV.

The 2014 Escape continues to be Ford’s top selling SUV.

While it would be simple to assume that the shifting consumer priorities would be represented across the auto industry, the shift has been felt greater at Ford than at competing automakers, and is representative of Ford’s impressive lineup of compact and full-size SUVs. The Ford Flex has been among the highest-selling mid-sized SUVs, and has ranked as the most reliable vehicle in its class by Consumer Reports. The Explorer, meanwhile, has won North American Truck of the Year as recently as 2011, and continues to set the bar for the standard Sport Utility Vehicle.

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