Chevy Lineup Front and Center in Transformers: Age of Extinction

Chevy Transformers films

Bumblebee is again a major player in the latest Transformers film.

Chevy in Transformers: Age of Extinction

If you spend any time at the movies this coming weekend–or plan on going at all this summer, for that matter–you’ll more than likely consider seeing the new Transformers: Age of Extinction film, the fourth version in the toy-inspired franchise. After all, the latest Transformers film has already brought in roughly $100 million in box office receipts, making it the largest opening weekend for movie so far this year. (It is also the largest foreign opener ever in China, with $93 million total.)

Of course, this has special meaning for us at Harbin Automotive, as this represents a continuation of the relationship between Chevy and the Transformers franchise.

Chevy Transformers Scottsboro AL

A custom Corvette Stingray portrays the Autobot “Crosshairs.”

If you remember, it was the very first Transformers film in 2007 that first introduced the world to the upcoming Camaro, which was yet to hit showrooms. Bumblebee, as the “character” portrayed by the Camaro, came to be a hero for the franchise, setting in motion a long and fruitful relationship between the Transformers films and eye-catching Chevy models. (All told, they also used other General Motors vehicles as well.)

For the latest installment, Chevy figures heavily into the action as well. Wind tunnel scenes were shot at the GM Technical Center, and the GM Museum in Michigan is also featured. In fact, General Motors VP of Global Design Ed Welburn even has a speaking part as a “KSI Executive”! Bumblebee is also back for Transformers: Age of Extinction, but he (or it?) isn’t alone. There is now a Corvette Stingray that transforms into the Autobot “Crosshairs,” and new models from Chevy such as the upcoming Trax and a rally-outfitted Sonic are seen as well.

Each of these models are or will soon be available at Harbin Auto in Scottsboro, AL, and can be seen in the meantime at Transformers: Age of Extinction, now showing in many theaters in the Huntsville and Chattanooga areas.

You can see some of the Chevy-related action in the video below. And when it comes to showing your kids, don’t worry, you can show them with confidence.

After all, Chevy plays the good guys.