ChevySalutes PTSD Awareness

Chevy “Supporting Our Soldiers” Series Raises PTSD Awareness with #ChevySalutes Campaign

Chevy has never made any secret regarding its support for our Armed Forces, but what we’re going to show you today takes this support to new heights, quite literally. Chevy has joined forces with USX, the U.S. Expeditions and Explorations initiative, which helps soldiers and veterans serve and reacclimate to civilian life by conquering obstacles unrelated to the battlefield. They’ve released a four-episode “Supporting Our Soldiers” video series through the #ChevySalutes campaign, where a four-member team of vets and soldiers raises awareness for its cause, first by climbing Washington’s Mt. Rainier, and raising funds for an eventual trek up Mt. Everest.

Chevy “Supporting Our Soldiers” Series Raises PTSD Awareness

Episode 1: Meet the Team

Here, we get to know the team and background of the team that will help get the USX to Mt. Everest. We meet the team leader, Cpt. Matt Hickey; Retired SSG Chad Jukes, who was injured in combat; Lt. Harold Earls, who came up with the idea, despite being new to active duty; and Lt. Elylse Ping Medvigy, an active duty soldier who has a lifetime of climbing experience.

Episode 2: A Familiar Operation

The team gets to know one another prior to its Mt. Everest climb by beginning a trek up Mt. Rainier, and draws parallels between climbing a mountain and engaging in combat. In both cases, each team member aids the other in reaching their goals.

Episode 3: Climbing for a Cause

As the USX team nears the peak, they discuss the realities of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and how the USX team hopes to use their platform to raise awareness of this very real and close-to-home issue. They’ll be honoring those who have died of PTSD-related issues by carrying their names to the summit.

Episode 4: Summit Day

The team reaches the summit, and discusses the healing nature of the outdoors and of climbing in particular. Reclaiming a sense of purpose and of accomplishment helps to ease the pressures of PTSD, which is the entire mission of the USX.

To learn more about the #ChevySalutes and Military Discount campaign, visit here. To learn about the U.S. Expedition and Exploration team, visit here. We’re happy to support our military here at Harbin Auto with our Chevy Military Discount, and hope to see our Armed Forces friends and neighbors here at our Alabama dealership soon!