Driving With the Check Engine Light On May Cost You

Check engine light reader

If your check engine light comes on bring it to the professionals at Harbin Automotive and let us help you.

Check Engine Light

When it comes to spending money it’s always kind of hard spending it when you don’t really have to.  Everyone thinks that just because their car is running just fine with the check engine light on why bother having it looked at.  Yes, your car may be driving just fine but by ignoring the check engine light you are setting yourself up for some costly repairs in the near future.  If the light is on for some small issue it may not cost very much to fix it at the time but if you wait too long it could lead to a much bigger bill. 

Check Engine Light indicator

Have your car serviced if your check engine light comes on.

The one thing to remember when you see the check engine light come on is that you don’t know exactly what it is trying to tell you so you should schedule car maintenance to find out for sure.

One of the most common reasons why your check engine light comes on is because of a defective oxygen sensor.  Without a properly working oxygen sensor, your vehicles computer will typically default to a setting that makes less engine power and burns up to 40% more fuel.  Over time this could cost a lot of money in wasted gasoline.

One of the most expensive repair jobs that you could encounter by allowing the check engine light to stay on too long is replacing your catalytic converter.  If you pay attention to the check engine light then you could spare yourself thousands of dollars in repair costs by taking care of this before it’s too late.  The failure of a catalytic converter is usually due to neglecting other repairs that cost much, much less.

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