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side view of a white 2018 Ford Expedition in front of a house

Ford Expedition Offers Safety and Technology

There are many large SUV options on the road, but recently-announced 2018 Ford Expedition crash test ratings make this full-size vehicle with eight-passenger capacity even more attractive for busy families and drivers. This model has already been offering great technology and options, but now it also delivers a new level of safety that can provide drivers with plenty of peace of mind. Read the rest of this entry >>

headlight and grille close-up of the 2019 Ford Fusion

Features in the Ford Co-Pilot360 Safety Suite

When the 2019 Ford Edge and 2019 Ford Fusion begin arriving in showrooms across the United States they will come standard with a host of new safety advantages thanks to Ford Co-Pilot360. While most of the features in the Ford Co-Pilot360 safety suite have been available before on new Ford vehicles this selection of features will begin coming on most of the Ford lineup, and should be standard in passenger vehicles in North America (including cars, crossovers, and even the Ford F-150) by 2020. Explore some of these attractive features below. Read the rest of this entry >>

Chevrolet Vehicles are Designed and Proven to Protect

Chevy Crash test

Chevrolet is always developing new and innovative safety technologies to help keep your family and passengers safe.

Chevrolet Vehicle Safety

Chevrolet puts safety first and they have seven vehicles to prove it.  Seven of the new 2014 Chevy models have received a five-star overall crash test score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) which is the highest possible score.  That’s more five-star ratings than any other automotive brand. Read the rest of this entry >>

Beware Of Fake Car Parts

fake car parts

The importing and sales of counterfeit auto parts is a $16 billion per year business.

Fake car parts

It is a fairly easy statement to make that your car, truck or SUV is your number one tool in living your life. You vehicle is your primary mode of transportation to work and your hobbies. The service department at Harbin Automotive is ready to handle any routine maintenance or more major mechanical repairs you may need, we understand that some of you enjoy getting your hands dirty and performing your own automotive work. If you are the do-it-yourself type, it is very important that you only get your auto parts from a reputable source like the Harbin Automotive Parts Department. A growing threat to the home mechanic is the increase in counterfeit car parts. In this blog we are going to give you some tips about how to spot fake car parts. Read the rest of this entry >>

Anti-Theft Devices Can Give You Extra Peace Of Mind

anti-theft devices for your car

We’re not sure what this contraption is exactly, but it would probably be an effective anti-theft device for your car.

Anti-theft devices for your car

In a previous Harbin Automotive Blog, we discussed some simple actions you can take to help your car from being stolen. However, for some people that might not be enough and they will be more comfortable taking a few extra steps. The second part in our series about preventing car theft deals with anti-theft devices for your car. In this blog, we will discuss the three basic types of anti-theft devices and give you a basic idea how each one of them works. Of the three basic types of anti-theft devices, some won’t fit everybody’s needs, all have their uses and having something is better than having nothing. Car theft is a $4.5 billion per year industry and a small investment in an anti-theft device for your car you can do quite a bit to take a bite out of that number. Read the rest of this entry >>

A Few Simple Steps Can Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen

prevent your car from being stolen

Leaving a pleasant note for a would be car thief may get you points for politeness but it isn’t much of a deterrent.

Prevent your car from being stolen

Here at the Harbin Automotive Blog, we have written several posts doing our best to make the labyrinth of buying a new car, truck or SUV as easy to navigate as possible. We understand that you have worked hard to earn the money to buy a new vehicle. That being said, there is unfortunately, a criminal element out there that is ready to steal your vehicle if the circumstances are right. According the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there is a vehicle stolen every 43 seconds in the United States and the months with the highest reported car thefts are July and August. To help combat this, we have compiled a list of tips to help prevent your car from being stolen. Read the rest of this entry >>

Head Turning Looks of the New Chevy Camaro in Scottsboro, AL

Chevy Camaro in Scottsboro, AL

Chevy Camaro in Scottsboro, AL

Harbin Automotive stocks the Chevy Camaro in Scottsboro, AL

The Chevy Camaro in Scottsboro, AL features strong acceleration, good fuel economy, great handling and incredible looks.  The Chevy Camaro in Scottsboro, AL isn’t just another wannabe muscle car, its classic beauty with contemporary looks and an incredible engine.  With your first glance of the Chevy Camaro you will notice the unmistakable design features of this classic American car.  Starting with its deep set headlights and then working back to the rear of the car you can see why it’s so easy to fall in love with the new Chevy Camaro in Scottsboro, AL.

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Bicycle Safety Tips that Every Driver Should Know

Bicycle Safety Tips

Bicycle safety

Bicycle Safety Tips from Harbin Automotive

The weather is finally getting nice outside and kids will be out of school before you know it.  With the warm weather comes bicyclists’, knowing bicycle safety tips are important for all motorists in order to keep our streets safe for everyone.  Bicycle safety is a shared responsibility for everyone that uses the road, including motorists and bicyclists.  The following bicycle safety tips from Harbin Automotive are to help you improve road safety for everyone.

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