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Should You Get Regular Scheduled Car Maintenance at Harbin Automotive? (Yes, You Should.)

Many times, when a customer comes to our Quicklane service desk at Harbin Automotive, we’ll find potential problem areas on their vehicle that we believe should be addressed. Generally speaking, these fixes are taken care of then and there. However, sometimes a customer will insist that they know best, and will head off to put many more miles on a potentially hazardous situation.

And this all could’ve been avoided if they’d taken advantage of our regular scheduled car maintenance program at Harbin Automotive. There are many reasons why this is important, but these are the most crucial. Read the rest of this entry >>

Is it Time for Brake Service? Here’s how to Know for Sure

Brake Repair near Scottsboro and Huntsville AL

brake service scottsboro AL

Rolling through stop signs? Might be time to have your brakes checked.

So much of our attention, when it comes to our cars, typically boils down to how to get your vehicle moving properly. We think about our transmissions, about our gas mileage, about everything that goes into maintaining proper forward motion. What we think about substantially less, however, is stopping, and all the factors that go into stopping. Many of us pay precious little attention to our brakes, often ignoring our brakes altogether. Yet, many of us might actually be in need of brake repair. To know if you’re in need of Harbin Auto‘s brake repair near Scottsboro or Huntsville, AL, pay attention to these factors.

Are you there, brakes? Have you ever applied pressure to the brake pedal, only to have the brake system either respond slowly or not at all? In all likelihood, this could be symptomatic of an air or fluid leak in your braking system. For these fixes, get your vehicle to an auto service department, like ours at Harbin Automotive in Scottsboro. Read the rest of this entry >>

Don’t Let Common Transmission Problems Go Unnoticed

Transmission Problems Scottsboro Huntsville AL

Transmission Scottsboro Huntsville AL

Ignoring common warning signs of transmission problems can lead to pricey repairs down the road.

The summer travel months are almost upon us, and with more drivers heading out for trips to the beach or to summer concerts or softball tournaments, we will inevitably be seeing more of our neighbors from the Huntsville and Chattanooga communities on the side of the road with car trouble. A frequent problem for drivers around this time of year is transmission trouble, so, to help area residents diagnose problems before they get out of control, here are some common symptoms of transmission problems, courtesy of your friends at Harbin Automotive in Scottsboro, AL. Read the rest of this entry >>

Take Advantage of National Car Care Month with the Auto Service at Harbin Automotive

Auto Service Scottsboro AL

Auto Service Scottsboro AL

Take advantage of Harbin’s exceptional service department during National Car Care Month.

What comes to mind when you think of the month of April? In all likelihood, yearly highlights like Easter, the Masters and the onslaught of gardening-related news occupy your mind during April. But did you know that April is also National Car Care Month? While residents of northern Alabama have certainly come to know us at Harbin Automotive for our outstanding selection of new and used Chevrolet and Ford, as well as for our many events and promotions, we are equally well known for our exceptional service department. So, with National Car Care Month firmly in mind, let’s examine some of the reasons why now is a great time to take advantage of Harbin’s auto service in the Scottsboro AL area. Read the rest of this entry >>

Schedule Your Next Auto Service at Harbin Automotive

For Ford, Chevy or Lincoln service in Northern Alabama, trust the pros at Harbin Automotive.

For Ford, Chevy or Lincoln service in Northern Alabama, trust the pros at Harbin Automotive.

Auto Service Northern Alabama

Without question, the service of your vehicle is both the least convenient and most crucial aspect of vehicle ownership. The timing is never right, yet when your car needs to see a service professional, it simply can’t be ignored. So, when it’s time for auto service in Northern Alabama, come see us at Harbin Automotive in Scottsboro, located just a short drive away from Huntsville, AL, and Chattanooga, TN. Read the rest of this entry >>

Driving With the Check Engine Light On May Cost You

Check engine light reader

If your check engine light comes on bring it to the professionals at Harbin Automotive and let us help you.

Check Engine Light

When it comes to spending money it’s always kind of hard spending it when you don’t really have to.  Everyone thinks that just because their car is running just fine with the check engine light on why bother having it looked at.  Yes, your car may be driving just fine but by ignoring the check engine light you are setting yourself up for some costly repairs in the near future.  If the light is on for some small issue it may not cost very much to fix it at the time but if you wait too long it could lead to a much bigger bill.  Read the rest of this entry >>

What Mom Never Told you About Car Noises

Strange Noise

Strange noise

Learn what’s causing that strange noise in your car

Have you ever been driving down the road and all of a sudden your car starts making a strange noise but you have no idea what it is.  Hearing a strange noise coming from your car that you’ve never heard before is a terrible feeling because you automatically think the worse and how much it will cost to fix.  Not all strange noises from your car are terrible things, some are easy and inexpensive to fix.  Just remember that the sooner you take care of that strange noise the better off you’ll be.  Harbin Automotive wants to teach you what some of the most common strange noises that you hear from your car mean so you know how to take care of it. Read the rest of this entry >>

Get your next oil change in Scottsboro, AL at Harbin Automotive

Oil Change in Scottsboro, AL

Oil Change in Scottsboro, AL

Oil change in Scottsboro, AL at Harbin Automotive

Are you looking for a faster and more convenient place to get your next oil change in Scottsboro, AL?  Harbin Automotive offers an affordable oil change in Scottsboro, AL from factory trained professional technicians.  The next time you need an oil change in Scottsboro, AL head on down to Harbin Automotives Quick Lane.  We we make the process of getting an oil change in Scottsboro, AL as convenient as possible.  The Quick Lane at Harbin Automotive offers incredible service from a courteous staff and to make it even easier for you, no appointment is necessary.

In order to keep your car running properly and to avoid costly repairs down the road it is recommended to get your oil change in Scottsboro, AL on a regular basis.  Every car is different when it comes to the frequency of an oil change so check your vehicle maintenance schedule to see how often and how many miles you should go between oil changes in Scottsboro, AL.

Read the rest of this entry >>