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side view of the 2019 Chevy Blazer driving in the city

All-New Blazer Brings New Style to the Road

Rumors about the all-new Chevy Blazer have been floating for a long time, but Chevrolet has finally released solid information about this all-new model. Even better the 2019 Chevy Blazer release date is not too far in the future. This new midsize crossover will be larger than the Chevy Equinox, but still smaller than the three-row Chevy Traverse. It will be available with two engine options, all-wheel drive, plenty of connectivity technology, and of course premium good looks. Keep reading to learn more! Read the rest of this entry >>

Future Ford's Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto, California.

Ford Says It Is Officially the Future!

Have you ever seen I, Robot or Total Recall or Minority Report? Remember those self-driving cars that zip around with no steering wheel while the protagonist sips a coffee or reads the morning newspaper? You might think that is all Hollywood glamour and special effects, a crazy interpretation of the future of transportation.

Ford Motor Company says otherwise.

You see, Ford has been investing time and money in their Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto, California for the past ten years, shoulder to shoulder with America’s tech sphere in Silicon Valley. And, if your mom ever told you to find new friends because your old ones always got you in trouble, the small business, tech wonks in Silicon Valley would be the people she would want you to cozy up to—the so-called, ‘people who are going places.’

In 2016, former Ford president and CEO Mark Fields said, “The next decade will be defined by automation of the automobile, and we see autonomous vehicles as having as significant an impact on society as Ford’s moving assembly line did 100 years ago.”

That’s a tall order.

But, the idea of the best minds in Silicon Valley—the home of the world’s fastest growing and smartest industry—teaming up with the company that practically invented modern manufacturing is certainly worth some serious attention.

Ford claims that they will deliver a functioning autonomous vehicle fleet by 2021. That might seem like another lofty goal. But, consider the lightning fast turnaround for the software engineers that get in, make an App, then run to the bank with their millions. Coupled with Ford’s longtime ability to wow, it would appear the self-driving cars of the future are becoming more of a reality by the moment.

And that future is great for America specifically.

Implementing a wave of autonomous, electric vehicles over the coming decades will reduce commuter accidents, lessen the detrimental impact of our transportation infrastructure on the environment, and will increase our standing in the world at large.

One of the defining industries of modern America is our technology industry. Ford represents a golden age in American economic and innovative power, and Silicon Valley is the shining city on the hill that beckons us into another golden era of human transportation. We are, as a nation, set up for success in this quickly burgeoning, hybrid industry.

As Ford takes advantage of this key moment in autonomous vehicle development, they seem poised to usher us into the actual future. To check out what offerings Ford has available today, be sure to stop by our lot in Scottsboro, Alabama!

ChevySalutes PTSD Awareness

Chevy “Supporting Our Soldiers” Series Raises PTSD Awareness with #ChevySalutes Campaign

Chevy has never made any secret regarding its support for our Armed Forces, but what we’re going to show you today takes this support to new heights, quite literally. Chevy has joined forces with USX, the U.S. Expeditions and Explorations initiative, which helps soldiers and veterans serve and reacclimate to civilian life by conquering obstacles unrelated to the battlefield. They’ve released a four-episode “Supporting Our Soldiers” video series through the #ChevySalutes campaign, where a four-member team of vets and soldiers raises awareness for its cause, first by climbing Washington’s Mt. Rainier, and raising funds for an eventual trek up Mt. Everest. Read the rest of this entry >>

2017 Chevy Volt official release date

New features ahead for 2017 Chevy Volt

2017 Chevy Volt official release date

Chevy continues to stay ahead in the hybrid vehicle game and is already working on the 2017 Chevy Volt. While the 2016 model only just arrived in dealerships, it’s important for Chevy to stay ahead in the ever-changing alternative energy landscape. Experts seem to agree that Chevy is going about it the right way because the Volt recently won the 2016 Green Car of the Year award, beating out strong competition, like the 2016 Nissan Leaf. If the 2016 Volt is any indication, we think it’s safe to say that there are wonderful things ahead for the 2017 model. So just when is the 2017 Chevy Volt official release date?

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Watch Your Butts! Tailgate Theft on the Rise Nationwide

Pickup Tailgate Theft

If you’ve been to Harbin Automotive–and, since you’re reading this, we’ll just go ahead and assume that you have–you know that we have a pretty firm dedication to trucks. We’re lucky enough to be home to some of the industry’s top models, such as Ford’s F-150 and Chevy’s Silverado series, and have a gained something of a reputation as the truck-lover’s dealership in Northern Alabama.

But even with all of our experience in the truck arena, even we might have had trouble seeing this coming: pickup tailgate theft. Read the rest of this entry >>

Apple CarPlay Coming to Upcoming Ford and Chevy Models

Upcoming Apple CarPlay Technology

carplay harbin auto scottsboro

Apple users will immediately recognize the CarPlay template in upcoming Fords and Chevys.

In recent years, we’ve seen an amazing surge in updated technology features in our vehicles, and obviously we at Harbin Auto in Scottsboro, AL, don’t expect to see this change, well, ever. The mission for auto companies to create cutting-edge technologies is really just beginning, and at the recent Geneva Motor Show, we were treated to the unveiling of the upcoming Apple CarPlay technology, which will soon be available in both Ford and Chevrolet models, possibly as early as next year. Read the rest of this entry >>

Enter to Win a Chance to Test the New Ford F-150

Test the 2015 Ford F-150

Think you drive tough? Prove it with the Built Tough Test.

Think you drive tough? Prove it with the Built Tough Test.

Without question, drivers in the Scottsboro area know a thing or two about tough driving. Whether we’re mudding, hunting, pulling a boat, or driving through fields and pastures, we’ve come to understand that our trucks will be tested, time and again, by grueling conditions. Now, with the release of the new F-150 just around the corner, Ford is offering drivers a chance to test the 2015 Ford F-150 for themselves. Read the rest of this entry >>

Cover comes off 2015 Ford Mustang

2015 Ford Mustang

2015 Ford Mustang

2015 Ford Mustang Alabama

2015 Red Mustang“It is the heart and soul of Ford”

Those were the words of Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, as he described the newly unveiled 2015 Ford Mustang.

As the most iconic name in the brand and one of the most legendary names in the automotive industry, the Mustang put pony cars on the map 50 years ago and continues to set the standard in that space today. As the Mustang enters its sixth generation and experiences its first  full redesign since 2005, there is little doubt that the 2015 Ford Mustang in Alabama will be among the most popular cars of the year. Read the rest of this entry >>

Happy 150th Birthday Henry Ford

Henry Ford Birthday

Henry Ford has changed the world forever with his incredible automobiles and innovative ideas.

Henry Ford

Ford factories all around the world are celebrating the birthday of their founder, Henry Ford.  At Ford’s factory headquarters in Dearborn, MI they were also celebrating; the state of Michigan presented a special proclamation naming July 30th, 2013, “Henry Ford Day”.  Henry Ford has changed the world forever with his incredible automobiles and innovative ideas.  Henry Ford also revolutionized transportation and brought the automobile to many people around the world.  As a testament to Henry Ford’s impact on the world, his efforts are being recognized through many events in America and around the world.  His birthday will continue to be celebrated throughout the year as Ford dealerships continue to remember the achievements or Henry Ford.  Read the rest of this entry >>