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2018 Ford F-150 in red towing a boat

F-150 Diesel Engine Offers Competitive Mileage

We’ve already written about the impressive 2018 Ford F-150 diesel engine’s anticipated power specifications, but now we have even better news for drivers craving the competitive fuel economy of a diesel engine. The new diesel powertrain on the 2018 Ford F-150 not only offers class leading horsepower and torque but will also deliver best in class mileage. How good is the fuel economy of the 2018 Ford F-150 diesel? Just check it out below. Read the rest of this entry >>

Five Cars on Our Lot with Killer Fuel Economy

Going to and from work, waiting in pickup lines at schools, running to the grocery store—then having to go back to the grocery store because you forgot the cat food—we spend a ton of time in our cars. When you’re clocking all that time on the road, you certainly don’t want the commute alone to break you. Here are five cars we have on the lot right now that will wow you with their incredible fuel economy:


  • Ford Fusion SE – 29-34mpg on Hwy

As far as midsize cars go, this one gets some of the best marks around on safety ratings. In addition, the Ford Fusion SE boasts sharp handling along with a contemporary, upscale cabin. The interior is roomy enough to haul five folks wherever they need to go comfortably, especially since the seats are well-cushioned. The Ford Fusion SE is the working man or woman’s classic getaround vehicle: safe, a tiny bit sporty, and reliable.


  • Fiat 500 Sport – 34-40mpg on Hwy

This compact Italian ride packs a punch when it comes to overall appeal. Italy’s answer to the Volkswagon Beetle, the Fiat 500 Sport weighs in at just 2,350 lbs. (which is a few hundred less than its main competitor, the base model Minicooper). With a 1.4 liter, 4-cylinder engine, the Italian baby stallion offers the kind of agile handling and responsive steering you’d expect from larger sports cars. Despite its diminutive size, the Fiat 500 Sport has decent legroom and headroom and has far better outward visibility than its squatty nemesis the Minicooper.


  • Dodge Caliber SXT – 27-32mpg on Hwy

Dodge’s wagon is perfect for those of us who have to make too many trips to Publix. With tons of cargo space and a great safety rating, this one may be the perfect model for any parent who refuses to become part of the minivan brigade. The Dodge Caliber SXT has noteworthy stability control, large wheels, and antilock brakes featuring rear drums that are sure to keep you and the kids skid-free.


  • Mazda Mazda3 i – 30-35mpg on Hwy

There’s a good reason the Mazda tagline is “zoom-zoom.” The ultra fuel-efficient Mazda3 i gets great marks for being a blast to drive. The super-responsive midsize vehicle feels sharp without being showy. The telescopic steering wheel mounted controls and smart ergonomics coupled with a fun driving experience overall set the Mazda3 i up as a car with true staying power.


Kia Soul – 27-30mpg Hwy

An out-of-the-box choice for daily driving that’s actually shaped like a box—that’s the weird and wonderful appeal of the Kia Soul. It’s square shape allows for excellent headroom even for taller drivers, and the impressive sound system is great for tune-lovin’ travelers. The deceptively peppy acceleration and a tight turning radius give the Soul a whole lot of heart, and its funky shape is certain to turn a whole bunch of heads.


For more information about these fuel-efficient models and more, stop by Harbin Automotive in Scottsboro

Save money with fuel efficient used cars in Alabama

uel efficient used cars in Alabama

Save money by buying a fuel efficient used car in Alabama from Harbin Automotive.

Fuel Efficient Used Cars in Alabama

Not everyone can afford to buy a new car and many consumers love the value of a quality used car in Alabama, that’s why Harbin Automotive carries a vast selection of used cars on their lot and many of them offer incredible fuel efficiency.  Consumers can save even more money in the long run if they choose to buy fuel efficient used cars in AlabamaRead the rest of this entry >>

Fuel economy of the Ford Fusion

Fuel economy of the Ford Fusion

The fuel economy ratings of the Ford Fusion differ from model to model but they are all about efficiency.

Fuel Economy of the Ford Fusion

One car that has been making a big splash in the auto industry is the new 2014 Ford Fusion.  The new Fusion’s offer many different models for 2014 and all of them have some pretty amazing fuel economy ratings to offer fuel conscious car shoppers.  The fuel economy of the Ford Fusion ranges from model to model but they all have something to offer consumers.  You can choose from the Ford Fusin Hybrid, Ford Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid or the all gasoline Fusion models that give you a nice array of engine choices that are all about efficiency. Read the rest of this entry >>

Learn how to get better fuel economy with the car you have

how to get better fuel economy

We hope that these tips from Harbin Automotive on how to get better fuel economy with the car you have will help you save a little money on gas.

How to Get Better Fuel Economy

We are always trying to save the most money that we can and some people are very creative on finding ways to dos so.  There is one easy way that you can start saving a little more money and its right inside of your car.  You can start saving more money on gas if you learn how to get better fuel economy with the car you have.  By learning how to drive more sensibly you can start saving money on gas the next time you get behind the wheel of your car. Read the rest of this entry >>

Improve Fuel Economy in Your Ford Hybrid

Ford C-Max will improve fuel economy

The new Ford C-Max Hybrid in Scottsboro, AL is an amazing new Ford Hybrid that gets incredible fuel economy ratings and also offers some of Ford’s latest technology.

Improve Fuel Economy

As if your Ford Hybrid already didn’t get incredible gas mileage, Ford will be offering updates to further improve on-road hybrid fuel efficiency.  Improved fuel economy in your Ford Hybrid is on its way to you this fall as Ford gets set to introduce its calibration updates that are designed to improve fuel economy in the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid and the 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid. Read the rest of this entry >>

Stop Less for Gas with the New Ford Fusion Hybrid in Scottsboro, AL

New 2013 Fusion Hybrid

Drive by gas stations without even thinking of stopping with this incredibly fuel efficient Ford Hybrid.

Ford Fusion Hybrid in Scottsboro, AL

Car shoppers looking for a vehicle that can get great gas mileage while also offering a little performance and high-tech features will love the new Ford Fusion Hybrid in Scottsboro, AL.  Drive by gas stations without even thinking of stopping with this incredibly fuel efficient Ford Hybrid.  When you can get a new car that offers a great driving experience, luxury options and great looks all while delivering the fuel efficiency of a hybrid shouldn’t you at least consider a test drive?  The 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid in Scottsboro, AL is shooting to the top of everyone’s list of new cars to buy very quickly because of all that it has to offer consumers. Read the rest of this entry >>

Save Money at the Pump with Fuel Efficient Used Cars at Harbin

Used Car Dealer in Scottsboro

Find fuel efficient used cars like this beautiful and fully-loaded 2012 Chrysler 300 Limited

Fuel Efficient Used Cars

Every day millions of American drivers feel the pain at the pump but we can help eliminate that pain with fuel efficient used cars at Harbin Automotive.  In fact if you put a lot of miles on your vehicle our fuel efficient used cars at Harbin can even pay for themselves if fuel savings; it’s like getting into a newer vehicle and putting cash back in your pocket at the same time.  What could be better?   We even make it easy for you to shop our fuel efficient used cars or even fuel efficient new cars online; just select the Over 30 MPG option under either the new cars of used cars menu and you’ll be shown only vehicles at Harbin that offer better than an EPA-estimated 30 MPG. Read the rest of this entry >>

Ford’s EcoBoost Engine Wins International Engine of the Year

EcoBoost Engine

Ford EcoBoost Engines

Ford wins second straight “International Engine of the Year” award

Ford takes home the International Engine of the Year award for the second year in a row.  The winning engine was the 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine from Ford Motor Company which earned the highest accumulated score since the award started being given out 15 years ago.  The achievement just goes to show us that Ford is a serious contender when it comes to engine design and the future of the automobile. Read the rest of this entry >>