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All Star Performance Explorer Sport

2016 Ford Explorer Special Editions coming to SEMA 2015

In just a few weeks, approximately 60,000 vendors and industry insiders will descend on Las Vegas for the 2015 edition of the Specialty Equipment Aftermarket Show, known to most as SEMA. As the only seller of Saleen products between Tennessee and Atlanta, this is an exciting time for us at Harbin Automotive, and is made even more exciting by the reveal of some 2016 Ford Explorer Special Editions for SEMA 2015. Let’s look at them, shall we? Read the rest of this entry >>

2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Scottsboro AL

Harbin First Look: The 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum

2016 Ford Explorer Platinum | Scottsboro AL

As we prepare for the release of the 2016 Ford Explorer at Harbin Automotive, we’ve been allowed to peek behind the curtain to get a better grasp of what we can expect from our legendary crossover SUV. Perhaps the most exciting news item is the addition of an all-new trim: the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum, which sits at the very top of the lineup. So, let’s lift the veil on this awesome edition of our popular people-mover, shall we? Read the rest of this entry >>

2016 Ford Explorer Release Date Fast Approaching at Harbin!

2016 Ford Explorer Release Date Huntsville AL

If you follow Ford models, then you’re certainly familiar with the Explorer SUV. What you might not yet know, however, is that the model is getting a refresh for the new model year, and we at Harbin Automotive have now gotten a first look at what we can expect from what has been Ford’s most iconic passenger vehicle for two-and-a-half decades. Here’s what we know so far about the 2016 Ford Explorer release date, set to occur this summer to Harbin Auto! Read the rest of this entry >>

2015 Ford Escape Scottsboro AL

Harbin Auto: Your One-Stop Shop for Crossover SUVs

Crossover SUV Scottsboro AL

When you deal in both Ford and Chevrolet vehicles like we do at Harbin Automotive, you’re likely to become pretty well acquainted with all vehicle segments rather quickly. However, one segment that people often have questions about is the crossover SUV segment, which happens to be one that we know quite a bit about. After all, with Ford models such as the Escape, Edge, and Explorer along with Chevy ones like the Equinox, Traverse, and the soon-to-arrive Trax, how could we not? Here’s what we can tell you about crossover SUVs. Read the rest of this entry >>

Has Anyone Else Noticed All the Ford SUVs on the Road?


Ford to Increase SUV Production

The automobile industry, like all industries, is prone to trends that dictate vehicle production. In recent years, for example, increased attention to environmental issues has led to a boom in hybrid and electric vehicles, a trend that has come with some notable growing pains. Meanwhile, a more curious trend has hit the SUV segment in recent years, which has definitely caused us to take notice a Harbin Automotive in Scottsboro: Sales in the SUV class has spiked in the last few years, leading Ford to increase SUV production. Read the rest of this entry >>

Fuel Efficient SUV Winner is the Ford Explorer

Fuel Efficient SUV

Fuel Efficient SUV

The Ford Explorer is a fuel efficient SUV in Scottsboro, AL

The Ford Explorer is an extremely fuel efficient SUV and offers best-in-class mpg.  The Ford Explorer also delivers incredible driving dynamics and an amazing interior cabin helping make it the top pick for a large crossover SUV in Scottsboro, AL.

The Ford Explorer is the most famous SUV in the world and it keeps getting better year after year.  The new Ford Explorer is an excellent all-around family SUV and it’s even starting to replace some family sedans.  With the all-weather capability of an SUV and great interior features of the new Ford Explorer in Scottsboro, AL  its beginning to be the vehicle of choice for a lot of families that use to only consider large family sedans.  The new Ford Explorer is the most fuel efficient SUV and it now adds better handling and gives consumers all of the infotainment features that they are looking for. Read the rest of this entry >>