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side view of a white 2018 Ford Expedition in front of a house

Ford Expedition Offers Safety and Technology

There are many large SUV options on the road, but recently-announced 2018 Ford Expedition crash test ratings make this full-size vehicle with eight-passenger capacity even more attractive for busy families and drivers. This model has already been offering great technology and options, but now it also delivers a new level of safety that can provide drivers with plenty of peace of mind. Read the rest of this entry >>

2016 Ford Expedition EL Scottsboro AL

Brace for the Enormity of the 2016 Ford Expedition EL

Say you’re looking for a full-size SUV, but not just any full-size SUV will do. Say you need the biggest, baddest one on the market, and that it’s crucial that you’ve got the most cargo volume available. If this describes your needs, then it’s the 2016 Ford Expedition EL that you’re looking for. It’s powerful, it’s well-designed and, well, it’s huge. So what makes it so special? Let’s take a look inside the 2016 Ford Expedition EL. Read the rest of this entry >>

2015 Ford Expedition Unveiled at Dallas Auto Show

2015 Ford Expedition Huntsville

2015 Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition will have added power and fuel economy for 2015.

Well, that certainly didn’t take long. In our last post, we mentioned that rumors had begun to circulate that Ford would be making changes to the Expedition for the 2015 model year, and right on cue, the rumors have been confirmed. With plans to be debuted during the Dallas Auto Show, the 2015 Ford Expedition near Huntsville has been revealed, and let’s just say, we are impressed. Read the rest of this entry >>

Has Anyone Else Noticed All the Ford SUVs on the Road?


Ford to Increase SUV Production

The automobile industry, like all industries, is prone to trends that dictate vehicle production. In recent years, for example, increased attention to environmental issues has led to a boom in hybrid and electric vehicles, a trend that has come with some notable growing pains. Meanwhile, a more curious trend has hit the SUV segment in recent years, which has definitely caused us to take notice a Harbin Automotive in Scottsboro: Sales in the SUV class has spiked in the last few years, leading Ford to increase SUV production. Read the rest of this entry >>

Make space for the family and so much more with these versatile SUVs

Family Road Trip

Best SUVs for Large Families

While sedans and sporty coupes are fun to drive, minivans offer the supreme space, and pickup trucks deliver the strength to get any job done, few vehicles compare to the versatility of large SUVs. With the ability to complete normal towing and hauling tasks and better styling and driving dynamics than most minivans, SUVs make great choices for families on the go. Perhaps the most significant advantage of choosing an SUV is the way it makes room for the whole family while also delivering many of the attributes drivers need most. Here’s a list of the best SUVs for large families on the Harbin Automotive lot. Read the rest of this entry >>