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apples with local orchards

Local Orchards Near You in Huntsville, AL!

The fall season is the perfect time for everyone to come together and enjoy some of the seasonal activities. There are always plenty of orchards, corn mazes and other fun activities to take part in over the fall months. We put together a few of the local orchards near you in Huntsville that might be worth your time to go check out. Learn about them below! Read the rest of this entry >>

Labor Day 2018 near Huntsville AL

Labor Day Weekend Festivals and Activities 2018 near Huntsville AL

Labor Day is a tragic goodbye to summer, and a hello to the start of fall and the school year, but that just means we need to make the most of it. With plenty of Labor Day Weekend Festivals and Activities 2018 near Huntsville AL, you can have a lot of fun on this long weekend. Celebrate working and not working with one of these central Alabama activities. Read the rest of this entry >>

mother's day in huntsville al, mother and daughter eating ice cream

Treat Mom to a Fun Activities This May!

You can get a great brunch on Mother’s Day at a lot of locations around Huntsville,  but why not go big this year with one of these unique Mother’s Day 2018 events in Huntsville AL? While some of them involve brunch as well as interesting activities, they all give you the opportunity to give the gift that Mom wants the most: the gift of your time. Read the rest of this entry >>

the words "Happy Easter" with some colorful Easter eggs in a basket to the right

Easter Weekend 2018 Events Near Scottsboro AL

Easter is coming up fast, and with it many family-friendly celebrations of spring and new life. While Easter on April 1, 2018 may be devoted to family and services, there are plenty of great Easter weekend 2018 events near Scottsboro AL that can be plenty of fun the Friday and Saturday before. We’ve written about a few of the most unique opportunities but let us know in the comments if there are other can’t-miss events we should include! Read the rest of this entry >>

Valentine's Day Collage with Three Romantic Pictures

Best Restaurants for a Romantic Dinner in the Scottsboro area

Where to Eat Valentine’s Day Dinner near Huntsville, AL

Cupid’s calling, and he wants to know where you’re taking your better half for Valentine’s Day! Don’t know where to go? Don’t worry, we’ve got some great suggestions of where to eat Valentine’s Day dinner near Huntsville, AL. Keep on reading! Read the rest of this entry >>

Enjoy these Easter Egg Hunts near Huntsville AL!

With spring fully upon us, many families with children (or grandchildren) are planning to put on their best pastel-colored polo and compete with other children on a quest for some chocolate. That’s because Easter is nearing in our area, and with it come one of our favorite traditions at Harbin Auto: Easter Egg Hunts. So, to ease with your planning, here are some Easter Egg Hunts near Huntsville AL. Happy Hunting! Read the rest of this entry >>

Dominate the Table Talk with these Thanksgiving Facts!!

Thanksgiving Facts

Can you even believe how fast this year has gone? It seems like minutes ago that we were talking about summer ending, and then that football season was starting, and now, here we are, getting ready for Thanksgiving. What?! How did that even happen? Two weeks away already?! Luckily, we at Harbin Auto are here to offer you some Thanksgiving facts that might be exactly the conversation points you’ll need to get through the next couple of weeks. Read the rest of this entry >>

“Let’s Take a Drive”: Happy Father’s Day from Harbin Auto!

Father’s Day Scottsboro AL

Chevy Scottsboro AL

Dad and me, with one of the many El Caminos that came and went.

If we’re being honest, most holidays only have the most tangential relationship to an auto dealership. “Happy Derby Day! Test drive the new Mustang to celebrate!” Or, “Celebrate National Coconut Cream Pie Day in a new Chevy Malibu!” It rings a little hollow.

However, Father’s Day is a little different. If there’s any holiday that shares a natural affiliation with cars, it’s Father’s Day, for reasons that are patently obvious. And, at Harbin Auto in Scottsboro, AL, we aren’t immune to a little nostalgia for Dear Ol’ Dad.

When I was growing up, my own father had what in hindsight can only be described as an unnatural obsession with Chevy El Caminos. For the duration of my childhood, there was never a time when my dad was not in the process of restoring an El Camino, enjoying his newly restored El Camino, or searching wrecking yards and auctions for a new candidate to occupy our spare garage stall. To my elementary-school friends, this was the cause for no small amount of ridicule; the half-car/half-truck nature of the Elky, as they always came to be called, didn’t stoke the embers of white-knuckled curiosity in ten year-old brats quite like it did in my old man, and explaining the finer points of a three-on-the-tree to my friends only cut into valuable booger-eating and wedgie-giving time. Read the rest of this entry >>

Get your Summer Sizzlin’ with these Tips for your Summer Cookout!

Five Summer Cookout Tips

summer cookout Scottsboro AL

Who’s hungry? Follow these tips for your best summer party yet!

So can we safely assume that summer is officially here now? No more teasing us with unseasonably cold temps or odd storms? If this is indeed the case, then this means that it’s also summer cookout season, and this is something that we at Harbin Automotive know a thing or two about. However, it has taken years of trial and error, so take it from us: it requires planning. So, to help, here are five quick tips to help you nail your summer cookout. Read the rest of this entry >>