Anti-Theft Devices Can Give You Extra Peace Of Mind

anti-theft devices for your car

We’re not sure what this contraption is exactly, but it would probably be an effective anti-theft device for your car.

Anti-theft devices for your car

In a previous Harbin Automotive Blog, we discussed some simple actions you can take to help your car from being stolen. However, for some people that might not be enough and they will be more comfortable taking a few extra steps. The second part in our series about preventing car theft deals with anti-theft devices for your car. In this blog, we will discuss the three basic types of anti-theft devices and give you a basic idea how each one of them works. Of the three basic types of anti-theft devices, some won’t fit everybody’s needs, all have their uses and having something is better than having nothing. Car theft is a $4.5 billion per year industry and a small investment in an anti-theft device for your car you can do quite a bit to take a bite out of that number.

AntitheftAs a quick review from the last blog, we provided you with reminders to never leave your keys in your car. You should always close all of your windows and lock all of your doors every time you leave your car. Finally, we recommended that you either lock your car in a garage or find the brightest lit area possible for parking your car. All of these things can go a long way toward preventing car theft.

anti-theft devices for your car

A pedal lock like the one shown here is a great way to deter thieves from trying to take your car.

The first type of anti-theft device for your car is called an audible device, these are also known as car alarms. Car alarms are effective because when someone tries to break in to your car it starts sounding the horn and flashing the lights. The hope here is that all of this racket will attract attention to somebody who really doesn’t want it. There is also a type of anti-theft system called visible devices that include things like pedal locks and steering wheel locks. These are effective because they make the car all but impossible to drive or control.

Immobilizing type anti-theft devices for your car, work by preventing the car from even starting in the first place. These usually come in two basic versions. The first uses a hidden switch that when flipped, interrupts the flow of electricity or gasoline to the engine so it won’t start. The other basic immobilizing type of anti-theft device for your car uses a computer chip embedded in the ignition key so a thief can’t bypass the ignition system and hot wire the car.

The final basic type of anti-theft device for your car is called a vehicle recovery system. These kinds of systems are a bit more passive in the sense that they don’t disable anything or stop anything from moving. Instead, an activated vehicle recovery system sends out an electronic signal, like GPS, that law enforcement officials can follow and find your vehicle as well as hopefully, catch the person who stole it in the first place.

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