2016 Ford Super Duty Emergency Strobe LED

2016 Ford Super Duty Lineup to feature Emergency Strobe LED Lights

2016 Ford Super Duty Emergency Strobe LED Lights

As details on many of our 2016 models begin trickling across our desks at Harbin Automotive, some news items understandably garner a little more excitement than others. We tend to keep these a little close to the vest, just since details always change, but this one we can pass along with confidence: the 2016 Ford Super Duty lineup will offer emergency strobe lights. This will enhance the visibility of the vehicle for use in situations where visibility is important–utility, road construction and the like–and will be available on every Super Duty in the lineup at Harbin Automotive.

The strobes will be designed in two sets, one forward-facing and high-mounted at the base of the windshield for optimal visibility. The second set will be rear-facing and high-mounted on both sides of the rear stop lamp, meaning that these lights can be seen from as far as 1,000 feet away during the day and as far as a mile away at night.

These lights will be weather-resistant, low-power LEDs, and the flash patterns will be customer programmable. Their cost is rumored to be just $700, and will be available as a factory installation. Below we’ve included a video where you can get an idea just how outstanding these lights will be when you and your fleet of work vehicles needs to be seen from a distance. To learn more about the new strobe warning LED lights and other new features to our 2016 Ford Super Duty lineup, visit us at Harbin Automotive today!