2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Scottsboro AL

Harbin First Look: The 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum

2016 Ford Explorer Platinum | Scottsboro AL

As we prepare for the release of the 2016 Ford Explorer at Harbin Automotive, we’ve been allowed to peek behind the curtain to get a better grasp of what we can expect from our legendary crossover SUV. Perhaps the most exciting news item is the addition of an all-new trim: the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum, which sits at the very top of the lineup. So, let’s lift the veil on this awesome edition of our popular people-mover, shall we?

The Powertrain: The 3.5L EcoBoost V6

It stands to reason that the top-ranked trim of the Explorer would also receive the top-ranked powertrain, and that’s exactly what happens with the Platinum. The engine offers twin-turbocharging and delivers 365 horsepower, along with 350 pound-feet of torque. Meanwhile, with an estimated fuel economy of 22 highway mpg and a 5,000-pound towing capacity, this proves that power doesn’t have to sacrifice functionality.

The Sound: Sony with Clear Phase and Live Acoustics

Do you enjoy theater-quality sound? Of course you do. That’s why the new Sony with Clear Phase and Live Acoustics helps to reduce distortion and enhance the sound quality to make it more crisp and clean. Twelve speakers are arranged strategically throughout the cabin, and the system also includes HD Radio capability and iTunes Tagging.

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The Visibility: The Dual-Panel Moonroof

Now standard in the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum, the Dual-Panel Moonroof ensures that passengers in both the first and second rows will enjoy the opportunity to see the outside world like never before. Not to be outdone, the Explorer also now rewards drivers with LED headlamps, improving forward visibility as well.

The Enhancements: Smart-Driving Technology

The 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum goes long on tech to help improve driving dynamics, now offering a host of great standard features for the new model year. Let’s take a deep breath, and list all of the ones we can think of: front and rear cameras with washers, first available in the segment; enhanced active park assist; smart-charging USB ports; hands-free liftgate; active grille shutters to reduce drag; and air curtains along the outer surface of the wheels.

The Interior: All-New Features

The Explorer Platinum delivers luxury at every turn. The door and instrument panels use real aluminum and real ash wood appliques, while the steering wheel is heated and wrapped in real wood and leather. New leather color options have been added such as Soft Ceramic and Ebony with Anthracite, while Nirvana leather is found throughout the cabin as well. Meanwhile, the instrument cluster now features a 10-inch digital display for clear and easy reading of information.

The 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum is expected to arrive this fall at Harbin Automotive, so plan your test drive today!

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