2016 chevy camaro release date huntsville AL

We Want Answers! 2016 Chevy Camaro Teaser Images Released

In just five short days, we’re going to get our first full glimpse of the 2016 Chevy Camaro, the sixth generation of our redesigned pony car. Naturally, this has caused many of us at Harbin Automotive to lose a fair bit of sleep in breathless anticipation of its release. We’re tired of waiting! We don’t want to wait anymore! We have so many questions! Questions that aren’t exactly answered by the 2016 Chevy Camaro teaser images!

2016 chevy camaro scottsboro alHere’s what we know so far: the 2016 Chevy Camaro will reportedly be fully unveiled on May 16th, and when it is, that it will be fully restyled. In the silhouetted image shown online (and above) we can tell that the design is more angular and rear-sweeping than the Camaro has been in ages, recalling some of its late-sixties/early-seventies heyday. It doesn’t pull a full 180 from the current model, instead opting to take its best features–the muscular, throwback styling, most notably–and just ratcheting up the attitude. Can’t we just see it all already? Come on!

Here’s what we also know: Chevy went all-in on providing a more aerodynamic model than the one that it’s replacing. According to our sources at Chevrolet, we’re told that it underwent 350 hours of wind tunnel tests to improve its cooling, reduce noise and reduce lift. It also reportedly has a new, smooth underbody pan running from the front grille to the middle the car, which will help with airflow as well.

While we wish we could offer more information regarding this exciting release, we’re in the same boat as you are, waiting idly while counting down the hours until May 16th. Once it’s revealed, however, we encourage you to visit our dealership to get the full rundown of all the changes, trim levels and options. See you soon at Harbin Automotive for your test drive!